Hi, I’m Tina Pineiro…

I assist my clients in developing the mindset and habits that support them in personal challenges that cause them stress.

My Story…

At the time I started having panic attacks, there were less resources with regard to anxiety relief. Many doctors, specialists, dentists and hospital personnel told me there was nothing medically wrong with me. Thankfully that was true. But I still had terrible issues and didn’t understand what was happening to me. And, most importantly, I didn’t have a resolution.

I promised myself that if I ever found a resolution, that I would share it. Years later, I learned Reiki and then became a Hypnotist and have been finding additional ways to help people get past their challenges and find solutions.

In addition to finding my own resolution, I have been amazed at the ways in which the tools I use can get a client to their ultimate goals…and beyond.

I’m a Mindset Coach, Hypnotist, and Instructor

Many years later, I received a diagnosis of cancer. Quite honestly, it felt surreal. I remember the numbness as I heard the doctor tell me over the phone. Not only was the diagnosis difficult, but there were so many decisions to make at a time when you are dealing with your own mortality. A fellow hypnotist assisted me with my positive mindset. Many doctor visits, decisions, prayers, an operation and radiation treatments later, I was exhausted and so very different. All along the way, I had my faith and the support of my very small circle, which proved to be so very valuable to me.

One person in my support circle, my husband, battled with TN or Trigeminal Neuralgia just a few years later. It came on slowly, but ultimately stopped him from talking and eating. I watched him lose weight at an alarming rate. He used hypnosis and self-hypnosis to get through the pain, while finding a diagnosis and ultimately the surgeon that helped him to resolve the issue. Since the surgery, he has been pain-free!

We weren’t without challenges in our lives, but our mindset was so very important. Again, I feel the need to share what we experienced and help you to find a solution to your life challenges. In addition to my services, I have included some free information in order to help you on your journey to healing.